Shop the 11 In 1 Smartphone Lens And Photography Selfie Bundle

Shop the 11 In 1 Smartphone Lens And Photography Selfie Bundle

If you've ever used your iPhone to take a selfie or record a video vlog, you've realized that it's hard to do both with a phone. You can get the best iPhone lens set with tripod, Bluetooth shutter and remote control, but it's not for everyone. The Pixlplay 6-in-1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit has it all: three lenses (fish-eye, macro and telephoto), tripod, shutter, remote control, accessories and a bag. Sources: 2

The Moment Starter Kit provides you with everything you need, plus a protective Moment phone case for your preferred iPhone of choice, one, two or five lenses, a Moment lens pen to keep the lens glass clean, and a rear lens cap to avoid dust. With this kit you get everything you need to take amazing photos with the best iPhone ever. Sources: 2

The tripod serves as a grip when you need to make action videos. It's great to record yourself for your YouTube channel or anything else you could use. This allows you to place your phone on the tripod, attach the lens to the universal clip and get the perfect picture. Sources: 2

The only real disadvantage in using this lens is that you have to use one of the Moment M Series phone cases, so no option for a smartphone lens is required. Attach your lens in the moment housing with the lens mount of the M-Series. Also included are a lens cap and a microfiber pouch. Sources: 1

The level of detail and quality of workmanship results in amazing close-ups that are not available when using a conventional mobile phone camera. To take the sharpest shots, you need a steady hand and a precise focus, but with a macro lens, the depth of field is very narrow. Sources: 1

It is worth checking twice whether your phone is compatible with the lens you want to buy before committing, as some are pickier than others. We have noted the compatibility specifications in our guide so you know which smartphone brand is one of the best budget camera phones, but a little detective work is required. Sources: 3

To improve your smartphone photography and videography, here are the best lenses for iPhone and Android smartphones. If you're used to shooting with your phone but don't want to switch to a full camera, a clip-on lens is a great way to broaden your options with minimal effort without having to carry anything heavy. There are many different types of lenses, including macros, wide angle, telephoto lenses and more, so there are many ways to give yourself some flexibility. Sources: 3

This is a great option for anyone who wants to take photos without getting too complicated. Many of the lens options are affordable and can easily be carried in a bag or clipped onto your phone when you want to take a photo. Sources: 1

We had to remove our case to get the metal frame for the phone. You can adjust the bracket by screwing and tightening it, but it remains prone to unevenness and alignment. Sources: 4

The set comes in a carrying case with clip-on mechanism, which means that the lens mount fits most smartphones and tablets. If you feel creative during a Skype chat, you can also mount it on the webcam screen of your laptop. Sources: 3

In previous versions of this guide, we have recommended the Moment Wide 18mm and the Tele 58mm lens, but if you have bought a fancy iPhone case with three cameras and a $120 lens that feels unnecessary for your new phone, the wide angle and telephoto views that these lenses enable are designed to do so. Both lenses delivered crisp and clear images in our review, with low distortion and no noticeable darkening in our corners. So if your smartphone does not have a super wide lens and you think you need an enlarged telephoto, these lenses are a good choice. Sources: 4

Return the item to us in its original condition and in its original packaging. We recommend returning the item for a refund using a traceable shipping method. Customers are responsible for shipping and insurance costs. Sources: 0

The Ztylus body and lens mount are available for an additional $20, but in our review, the lenses proved to be too heavy, allowing for slight leaks. The lenses are large, and at the moment they are screwed on with metal lens caps that seem too heavy. Also the set of the rear lens caps made of hard plastic felt condemned to disappear. 

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